Harmonica like never.


Photo: Trudy Joyce

If anyone needs a funky, unique music experience, you MUST hire this guy! Coolest one-man band around 😎🤘

Facebook: Dan Eddy

He is fantastic... very cool the things he can do. 😀

Facebook: J Latham

It can take a lot to surprise us here at IMPACT, but we have to say that last night at Little Oscar Mr Paul (Loophole) Savage blew us away with one of the most original performances we've ever seen. Creating and layering loops using only his voice, occasional Tamborine, and many.... MANY.... harmonicas!
Really have to see it to believe it.

1 December, 2016

Loophole Savage just awesome 👏

18 March, 2017

- one man, his voice, a looper and a bunch of harmonicas. Brilliant. 

22 November, 2016

Loophole: What a great audience and reaction. Listen to them go off at the end!
I think I can hear someone actually yelling "Bloody Nora" in amazement at the end of this 20 second video. Check it out -->

16 February, 2017

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Photo: Donna Killeen