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Music Done Different

Harmonica like you've never heard.


Music Done Different.

What sounds better than a blues harmonica in the hands of a talent like Loophole Savage?  .... 28 more blues harmonicas!

And what if they were used to blow out not blues, but rock, pop, folk, indie, alternative and even a little hip hop? (Okay, and blues)

Add rhythm that the audience can't help but move to and vocal harmonies to top it all off.

All from an extraordinary upbeat twist on a 'one man band'.


There's not a backing track in sight. It's all made live on the spot through an amazing performance of live looping, rhythm, harp and song - using 'fat' bass harmonicas to fill the air and plenty others to play the part of lead and rhythm guitar - bringing an entire band sound together like you've never heard. 


What the audience thinks.

This post from an events company that's 'seen it all' probably sums it up...

It can take a lot to surprise us here at IMPACT, but we have to say that last night at Little Oscar Mr Paul (Loophole) Savage blew us away with one of the most original performances we've ever seen. Creating and layering loops using only his voice, occasional Tambourine, and many.... MANY.... harmonicas! Really have to see it to believe it.  Impact Events

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